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let's create.

This is a non judgmental, creative space for you to feel open and free. You do not any any prior art experience. Step away from the constant demands of this fast-paced technological world and let the therapeutic aspect of creating help you rise above whatever you feel ready to release.

Email to schedule time for a private virtual art class.

decoupaging:the art of paper

life's puzzle pieces

Create a piece using the art of paper decorating that represents what you are working towards achieving for yourself. The decoupaging can be done on varying items such as a round box, wooden tissue box, plaque or thick card stock, all dependent on your personal preference and what the vision is for your piece.

box making & affirmation art

box making & affirmation art

my sacred place

Developed around the concept of affirmation art, you will paint and decorate a wooden box, and then create affirmation cards to keep inside them. This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to create new thoughts, emotionally clear out and start new, and physically transform positive affirmations into art.


renewal via mixed media art

rising from ashes

Built around the idea of the phoenix: out of the ashes, we rise up in beauty. For anyone ready to let go and forgive a situation in their own life and release the strings associated to that person or event. We will use colors, mixed materials and words to create a piece that speaks towards the new life you would like to create.

creative inspiration
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