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about me

I am an author, a lover of art, nature and travel, but most importantly am an avid believer that only this current moment is our life -  which is why I created Ciao Zen. These passing reflections, channeled through nature, writing and creating, help me find and maintain my balance. I would like Ciao Zen to lead as a source of encouragement to find solace in reflection and moving beyond self-imposed walls in our lives.

I grew up between the United States and Italy, traveling back and forth numerous times a year, splitting time between families, cultures, and friends. Since my stay in both places was never permanent, friend groups were harder to form, and long-lasting relationships were difficult to develop. This constant change and sense of misplacement forced me to be best friends with myself - to enjoy my own company so much, that the company of others would be an added plus, but never expected.
This sense of solitude that filled my days developed a curiosity towards the human condition of which I constantly sought answers. I would sit and watch people and how they interacted with one another. I tried to understand the hurt and pain that humans felt, and yearned to find similarities in the underlying cause of it all. Through this inward traveling, I concluded that there are common threads of human nature, independent of our sex, religion, race, or class, that link us in a way that dissipates loneliness. There is a magic in the interconnected nature of it all, and these commonalities connect us to people we have never met.
I'd like Ciao Zen to be a reminder that maybe the magic isn't in the big moments that we anticipate as life changing, but is actually in the small things - in the acts that we least expect have the ability to change us. I hope the words or images here move you to create something for yourself or help you feel less alone in what you think and feel.
Thank you for reading about me and Ciao Zen. I truly appreciate it very much! Please do reach out to me with absolutely any questions or suggestions - I would love to hear from you.
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