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ciao zen

Monica Bond is a New York-based illustration artist & designer, working with both analog and digital techniques to create art from the soul. In each piece she emphasizes the message, "this moment is your life." Her passion for creating art became the driving force of her own life when she discovered that the artistic process itself brought her purpose and peace. Monica grew up between Milan and New York, went to college in Rome and now lives outside New York City with her husband and three daughters.



textures. patterns.

colors. warmth. 

let's look at things differently. 

art prints. phone cases. silk scarves. wallpaper.

all handmade with

calm and intention.

your new favorite thing.

how to use creativity to calm the mind. what is it like being a third culture kid? guided collage work.

you're not alone.
let's create.

release stress and find your sacred space with relaxing projects. 

find your creative release.
the philosophy.

Finding your zen doesn't require flying across the world to meditate on a remote hilltop. It can be found in the small everyday things - an organized home, a walk in nature, simple body movement, or time spent creating (anything).


Ciao Zen is here to help you cultivate your own version of what feeling zen means to you, mirroring the peace within you, because no matter what you feel (or don't feel) right now, it is always there.

Moni and girls.HEIC
about me.

I am a mother, artist and writer, lover of nature and travel, but most importantly am an avid believer that only this current moment is our life -  which is why I created Ciao Zen. These passing reflections, channeled through creating, writing, and time spent in nature, help me find and maintain my balance. I would like Ciao Zen to lead as a source of encouragement to find solace in reflection and moving beyond self-imposed walls in our lives.

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Please feel free to reach out! I'd love to design something for you, teach you a class, or simply have a meaningful interaction. I look forward to it.

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